California Cannabinoids™ Patient Customer Responses Indicate THCV May Be Effective For Managing PTSD and Anxiety

It’s not a scientific study, but preliminary anecdotal patient feedback for our THCV vape pen are extremely positive, especially for people suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders. We are extremely interested in feedback related to people’s experiences with high THCV products, particularly those produced from our Doug’s Varin™ strain. We have been hearing back from patients who have been searching for THCV as a possible source of symptom alleviation for various ailments, and anxiety sufferers are really seeming to like it. Experientially, the high from our THCV based products is more of the productive and staying alert variety. The Doug’s Varin™ strain is all sativa. Its effects are different than normal predominantly THC products, with a shorter lasting high that a large subset of cannabis users enjoy, but that may not be appropriate for people needing the full blast effects of THC.

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